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 Contacts     October 21, 2017  

New York: 718-714-4242    New Jersey/Long Island City: 732-706-0004   Long Island: 516-333-8019  

Robert Senia President 201 rsenia@srs-enterprises.com
Rich Rose Vice President 202 rrose@srs-enterprises.com
Ralph Schlenker Vice President 103 rschlenker@srs-enterprises.com
Ryan Rothstein Director of Operations 203 rrothstein@srs-enterprises.com
J.D. D'Esposito Contract Account Manager 222 jddesposito@srs-enterprises.com
James Kish Vice President of Sales, NJ 239 jkish@srs-enterprises.com
Lisa Senia Controller 215 lsenia@srs-enterprises.com
Tina Martinelli Office Manager 207 tmartinelli@srs-enterprises.com
Jan Diaz Credit Manager 208 jdiaz@srs-enterprises.com
Amy Leonhardt Estimating Manager 210 aleonhardt@srs-enterprises.com
Mark Bowcock Estimating 271 mbowcock@srs-enterprises.com
Joe Scarola Estimating 224 jscarola@srs-enterprises.com
Rob Wernersbach Estimating 227 rwernersbach@srs-enterprises.com
Mark Bachtle Estimating 206 mbachtle@srs-enterprises.com
Gary Calano Estimating 217 gcalano@srs-enterprises.com
Mark Richter Estimating 238 mrichter@srs-enterprises.com
Glenn Wheeler Estimating 205 gwheeler@srs-enterprises.com
Adam Cannizzaro Sales Engineer 220 acannizzaro@srs-enterprises.com
Charles Cino Sales Engineer 213 ccino@srs-enterprises.com
Damir Fatovic Sales Engineer 219 dfatovic@srs-enterprises.com
Robert Modica Sales Engineer 118 rmodica@srs-enterprises.com
Dow Irons Sales Engineer 209 dirons@srs-enterprises.com
Ben Hodzic Sales Engineer 235 ahodzic@srs-enterprises.com
Tim Lomax Sales Engineer 229 tlomax@srs-enterprises.com
Christina Senia Sales Engineer 269 csenia@srs-enterprises.com
Joseph Brown VRF Specialist 204 jbrown@srs-enterprises.com
Patrick Wieckowski VRF Specialist 272 pwieckowski@srs-enterprises.com
Susan Moskowitz Sales Assistant 218 smoskowitz@srs-enterprises.com
Angela Milone Sales Assistant 101 amilone@srs-enterprises.com
Gina Schneitzer Sales Assistant 270 gschneitzer@srs-enterprises.com
Dawn Tozzi Sales Assistant 106 dtozzi@srs-enterprises.com
Marissa Depaolo Sales Assistant 211 mdepaolo@srs-enterprises.com
James Martinez Service 214 jmartinez@srs-enterprises.com
John Young Parts 225 jyoung@srs-enterprises.com
John Jarvis Service/Parts Support 274 jjarvis@srs-enterprises.com
Robert Sorrentino IT Manager 212 rsorrentino@srs-enterprises.com
Grimesh Patel Project Manager 234 gpatel@srs-enterprises.com
Joseph Brooks Service Technician jbrooks@srs-enterprises.com
Edmundas Jankevicius Service Technician ejankevicius@srs-enterprises.com
Tom Murphy Service Technician tmurphy@srs-enterprises.com
Alex Rybin Service Technician arybin@srs-enterprises.com
Vitali Fedishyn Service Technician vfedishyn@srs-enterprises.com
Vlad Chapranov Software Developer vchapranov@srs-enterprises.com